What to Expect in Your First Week With Braces

young adult girl smiling with braces You’re getting your braces put on for the first time and you’re not sure what to expect. One thing is for sure; your oral hygiene practices will definitely change. To help prepare you for what’s in store and make the most of your orthodontic treatment, we at McNamara Orthodontics explain what you can expect from your first week in braces:

Placement Day

On the day your braces are put on, the process should be relatively painless. In the hours following placement, you may notice that it will take you longer than usual to finish meals as you get used to wearing and chewing with braces. Stick to softer foods (like soups, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, shakes, etc.) for the first few days while your teeth and mouth adjust. You may also experience slight discomfort or soreness as the teeth begin to move.

Three Days After Placement

The first few days after getting braces are the most uncomfortable due to the teeth beginning to align and the mouth adjusts to the pressure of the wires and elastic ties. We recommend taking over-the-counter pain medication (ibuprofen, for example) to relieve any discomfort. If your wires cause irritation inside your cheeks or lips, a member of our staff will show you how to apply wax or silicone over the braces to reduce soreness.

One Week After Placement

The discomfort you experienced in the first couple days should stop within five to seven days after placement. The teeth will have mostly adjusted and eating with braces will become much easier than before. Don’t rush into trying out harder foods just yet. Give your mouth more time to get used to the braces and stay away from sticky and sugary foods. Foods high in sugar can lead to tooth decay and sticky foods can get caught between wires and brackets.

Orthodontic Appointments

It is important to schedule and attend regular appointments with our orthodontists during the course of your orthodontic treatment. During these appointments, the doctor may make adjustments to the braces, change the elastic ties, and monitor progress to ensure you are on schedule with your treatment plan. The first few days after an adjustment can cause aches in the mouth and on the teeth, but will not last long. Our staff can advise options for remedies to reduce pain.

For questions about orthodontic treatment or braces, contact our office. Your smile is our priority.