Wisdom Teeth Ann Arbor MILately, the latest trend amongst trending topics has been celebrities keeping their Instagram followers up-to-date on their dental health. This includes top A-listers like Paris Hilton, Lily Allen, and Emile Hirsch. Even Ariana Grande has gotten in on the act. Recently, Grande gave social media users a front row seat to the removal of her last three wisdom teeth.

While we don’t know if this will continue, we feel it’s a good opportunity to share with you why the extraction of your wisdom teeth can be so important for you.

Why It’s Wise To Remove Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth are located at the very back of your mouth. One wisdom tooth is on each side of your jaw, top and bottom. Often called “third molars,” they typically erupt between the ages of 16 and 25. Normally, they emerge sooner for girls than for boys.

Today, the average human jaw is no longer big enough for wisdom teeth to properly fit. Because of this, it is now routine to remove them before they start doing any harm. Failing to do so can cause any number of problems, including:

· Periodontal disease
· Bacterial infections
· TMJ discomfort
· Cysts that form below the gum line
· Significant pain when wisdom teeth erupt

None of these conditions are enjoyable. Thankfully, they all can be prevented through wisdom teeth removal. Through the use of local anesthesia, wisdom teeth extraction has become a standard procedure. For patients who are anxious, anti-anxiety medicine can also help. An oral surgeon is the best type of doctor to perform this procedure. He can provide guidance on what options are available.

At McNamara Orthodontics, our orthodontic treatments are performed with leading-edge technology. Afterwards, we will take a panoramic x-ray to see the location of your wisdom teeth and find out if full extraction is needed. If extraction is necessary, we recommend removing the wisdom teeth before the roots settle in. This way, we can pop out the tooth bud in a manner that is much easier for our patients.

If you would like to know more about wisdom teeth removal, please contact our Ann Arbor MI office. Or, simply speak with one of our staff members during your next appointment.