4 Benefits of Virtual Orthodontic Appointments

blog-featured-image-benefits-of-virtual-orthodontics Virtual orthodontic appointments are nothing new, yet have become more common practice since the spread of COVID-19. As an alternative to meeting in-person, virtual orthodontic consultations are a great way to stay healthy while social distancing. If you or someone you know is considering braces or clear aligners, Dr. Laurie McNamara and Dr. James A. McNamara at McNamara Orthodontics shares 4 benefits of virtual orthodontic appointments to keep in mind:

  1. No Need for Waiting Rooms

Virtual appointments remove the need to sit and wait while being exposed to others who may carry the virus. In many cases, your appointment will start with you entering a virtual waiting room until your appointment begins. Once ready, you will be taken out of the “waiting room” and into the main call to start the appointment.

This method can also be used for patients who still need to come into the office as it limits contact with others. On the day of your appointment, instead of entering the office first, you may be required to call or text and wait for instructions to come inside. Only patients will be allowed to enter the office until further notice. Exceptions are made for small children who must be accompanied by one parent. Masks are required to enter the office.

  1. Saves Money

Orthodontic consultations and routine check-ups don’t always require an in-person meeting. Virtual appointments save both time and money for patients and orthodontic practices. Patients save time by only taking away a few minutes of their time to join the meeting from anywhere. Practices save time and expenses preparing for the visit. All in all, everyone wins when a virtual meeting can be scheduled.

  1. Virtual Appointments Offer Convenience

With social distancing being enforced in most areas, the convenience of virtual orthodontic appointments can’t be beat. Being able to meet with Dr. Laurie McNamara or Dr. James A. McNamara from anywhere provides the peace of mind many are looking for. With no travel time or waiting rooms, virtual consultations and appointments allow you to get the care you need from wherever you are.

  1. See More than One Specialist

Do you have a referral from your general dentist? Virtual orthodontic appointments make it possible to see more than one specialist at a time. Your dentist can be invited to the virtual meeting to explain the problems you may have in better detail. With both doctors on the same call, you can have your questions answered while determining what treatment options are best for you.

It is no secret that technology has helped improve our lives. This is especially true with virtual orthodontic appointments. From emergency appointments to routine check-ups and consultations, meeting virtually allows for the same great care while keeping everyone safe during times of need. For questions about virtual appointments, contact our office. Your smile and safety are our priority.