5 Tips for Teaching Kids How to Brush

blog-featured-image-kids-brushing-tipsGood oral hygiene is a crucial part of a person’s health. Thus, it is imperative that parents help teach their kids not only to brush their teeth twice a day but also how to do so effectively. Rather than making it a chore, try to make cleaning their teeth a fun and enjoyable experience. To help, Dr. Laurie McNamara and Dr. James A. McNamara at McNamara Orthodontics share some tips for teaching kids how to properly clean their teeth. Read More

Announcing Our Orthodontic Word Scramble Contest

If you’re savvy at word scrambles, you could start the new year off with some spending money at Target!

McNamara Orthodontics announces our first contest of 2020 – the Orthodontic Word Scramble!

How It Works

We’ve jumbled the letters of some common words and terms relating to orthodontics and braces! Correctly unscramble each word, and you’ll be entered into a random drawing to win a $100 Target gift card! To play, head over to our contest page.  This contest runs from Monday, January 6th to Monday, March 2nd. Good luck, word wizards!

We hope all our patients had a terrific holiday break, and are looking forward to seeing your smiles throughout 2020!

Common Speech Problems Orthodontics Can Help

blog-featured-image-orthodontics-for-speech-problemsDid you know that the alignment of your teeth can affect your speech? If you struggle to pronounce certain words, your teeth could be the reason why. Thankfully, orthodontics can help. Dr. Laurie McNamara and Dr. James A. McNamara at McNamara Orthodontics can provide orthodontic treatment to resolve common oral problems such as:

  1. Lisp or Whistling

Lisps or whistles are common in children and adults and are developed due to open bites. An open bite occurs when the tongue doesn’t make a true connection with the roof of the mouth. This typically happens when pronouncing words containing the letter “s” or “z.” Patients with an open bite often pronounce these words as if they have the letters “th” instead of an “s.”

Read More

5 Reasons to Smile in the Year 2020

blog-featured-image-reasons-to-smile-in-new-yearThere are a lot of reasons you should be flashing those pearly whites more often – smiling is good for your health! According to Psychology Today, when you smile you activate neural messaging that benefits your health and happiness. As we close out the year, it is important to find reasons to smile and be grateful for all the lessons we’ve learned and achievements accomplished. For those who can’t find a reason to smile, Dr. Laurie McNamara and Dr. James A. McNamara at McNamara Orthodontics have five:Read More

Announcing Our “Seasons Game” Contest Winner!

Congrats to our patient who emerged victorious in our annual “Seasons Game” online puzzle contest!

Our winner reached the coveted “Autumn Leaves” tile and gained entry into the pool for the prize drawing, where her name was randomly selected to receive a $100 Amazon Gift card. Congrats again to our winner! Thank you to all our patients who enter the contest!

We hope all our patients and their families have a terrific holiday season – remember to stay away from sticky sweet treats during your treatment! As we welcome the 2020s, we have some exciting contests and events coming up on the horizon. Keep an eye on our contest page!

Zoe-Seasons Game-Winner-McNamara Orthodontics Ann Arbor MI

Will Orthodontic Treatment Cause White Marks on My Teeth?

blog-featured-image-white-marks-after-orthodontic-treatmentOnce you’ve completed orthodontic treatment, you just want to enjoy your brand-new smile. However, one thing patients often worry about is having white marks on their teeth following treatment. Luckily, whether you end up with white marks on your teeth after treatment is UP TO YOU! If you take good care of your teeth during treatment, white marks can easily be avoided.

How White Marks Form on the Teeth

The white marks that appear on your teeth during/after orthodontic treatment are called orthodontic white spot lesions (WSLs). These spots are caused by plaque buildup on teeth. Removing plaque from your teeth is incredibly important because the bacteria in plaque produce an acid that begins to dissolve the mineralized surface of a tooth (and ruin the appearance of those pearly whites).Read More