How to Survive Thanksgiving with Braces

Holiday Turkey DinnerIf you’re a fan of food like we are (and really, who isn’t?), then Thanksgiving just might be one of your favorite holidays. Not only do you get to spend time with the ones you love, but you can also eat all the foods you might not get to eat as often.

So how do you enjoy the same joys of Thanksgiving while wearing your braces? To help you navigate the serving tables at your Thanksgiving gatherings this year, we at McNamara Orthodontics have a few tips for getting through all three courses.Read More

What Happens When We Swallow Gum?

Little girl blows bubble gum bubbleThe team at McNamara Orthodontics want to dispel an urban legend about chewing gum: if you swallow a wad of gum, it does not sit in your stomach for seven years. In most cases, actually, not even seven days. Chewing gum, although not meant to be swallowed, passes harmlessly through the digestive system and is excreted in the same manner as everything else we eat.

There is some truth to the myth, however: chewing gum is not digested. It contains resins, sometimes natural and sometimes synthetic, which our bodies cannot break down. Gum is simply passed along our digestive tract.

In rare cases, excessive amounts of swallowed gum can lead to constipation and intestinal blockage in young children. But parents need not be alarmed. Young children are not more susceptible to complications involving swallowed gum; young children are simply the only people who might swallow enough gum to cause digestive problems. Kids often forget or may not understand that gum is for chewing and not swallowing.

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Announcing our “Crazy Corn Maze Puzzle” Winner Marie!

A huge congratulations to Marie, the winner of our “Crazy Corn Maze” puzzle contest.

Marie was one of many online contestants who mastered a tricky puzzle of a corn maze, then was randomly selected from a pool of finalists! Well done, Marie!

Her prize is a $100 gift card to DeBuck’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch in Belleville, MI. (We’re hoping she brings some of their homemade cinnamon and sugar donuts back to the office!)

If you’re a holiday movie buff, you’ll want to try your hand at our trivia contest online now. Answer all the questions correctly, and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a Target gift card! Who’s ready to start their Christmas shopping?

Marie-Corn-Maze-Contest-Winner Mcnamara Orthodontics Ann Arbor MI

Fun Halloween Costumes Based on Braces

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is just around the corner and we at McNamara Orthodontics are here to get you ready. For those of you currently in braces, you may be wondering how you can stand out with your costume while disguising your orthodontic treatment. Fear not! Here are six fun costume ideas you can try that make the most of your braces.

Darla from Finding NemoDarla from Finding Nemo

This character from the classic kid’s movie, Finding Nemo, is often what comes to mind when people think of costumes featuring braces. Darla’s enthusiasm for animals (often times too intense) and full face of metal made her one of the most memorable characters in the movie.

To achieve this look, find a purple sweater, white button down shirt, plaid skirt, plastic bag filled with water and fish and, most importantly, add freckles and something that resembles headgear to your face. Read More

Announcing Our Holiday Movie Trivia Contest!

McNamara Orthodontics Holiday Movie Trivia Contest Advertisement

Cinephiles and film fanatics, get ready! If you know your classic holiday movies well, you could win a $50 Target Gift Card!

Our multiple choice Holiday Movie Trivia Contest runs October 17th through December 17th. Achieve a perfect score, and you’ll be entered in a final drawing to win the gift card. More information about this contest can be found here. Grab a hot cup of cocoa, log on to Netflix, and start reviewing some classic Christmas flicks! Good luck!

Spread the Word – October is National Orthodontic Health Month

October means something a little different to our team at october is orthodontic health monthMcNamara Orthodontics because this is National Orthodontic Health Month. During October, orthodontic offices all over the country work together to promote their services and inform the community about the important work we do. Our goal is to draw attention to the fact that everyone needs to be evaluated for orthodontic treatment. You are never too young or too old if your bite or smile needs correction.

American Association of Orthodontics recommends that parents start early and all kids be evaluated 7 – 8 years of age. During the growing years of 7 – 10, kids undergo a major growth spurt that goes hand in hand with the eruptive pattern of their teeth and development of jaws.Read More